Tutorial on Installation and Configuration of a S185 Hyperspectral Camera

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Cubert GmbH - Tutorial


After this tutorial, you have your S185 up and running on your PC


Prior getting started you will need

  • Cubert Utils Fuchsia (v. 2.2.0 or newer, available for download here)
  • Installation credentials
  • Factory File Installer of your Camera


  1. Run Cubert Utils Installer
  2. Select Language
  3. Read and confirm license agreement
  4. Enter installation credentials
  5. Select Software components, at least select “Core”
  6. Location: use pre-set or take a note. Let’s call is “<INSTALLDIR>”
  7. Reboot system
  8. Start Factory File Installer
    Rember to use the latest file version. After maintenance, you may obtain an updated file!
  9. As installation location, pick /bin/factory or simply the preset, if you used the preset in step 6.
  10. Pick the performance setting.
    • If you are using a USB-2-Ethernet dongle, use LAPTOP
    • If you have 2 dedicated Network Interface Cards and a mordern PC, use HighEndPC
  11. Power up the camera, leave the Network cables disconnected
  12. Open My PC,
  13. Right Click on Network, select Preferences
  14. Click on Change Adapter settings
  15. You should see at least 2 disconnected Network Inferface Cards (NIC)
  16. Connect the ETH1 port of your Camera to one free NIC
    If you are using a USB-2-ETHERNET dongle, use this one.
  17. The port becomes online
  18. Right click on the NIC, select preferences, configure
  19. Tab To Advanced
  20. Set Jumbo-Frame Size to max. value, at least 8k.
  21. After the NIC is avialable aginain, enter prefernces again, select IPV4 and press properties.
  22. Set the IP and a subnet mask
  23. Now connect the ETH 2 port of the camera to the remaining NIC port.
  24. Also set the Jumbo Frames to max, but at least 8k
  25. Set the IP and a subnet mask
  26. Now you can start Cubert Utils Touch and start operating the camera.
  27. If you encounter any problems, please check the FAQ section


Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured your S185 camera.