Spectral Cameras - S185 - Cubert GmbH - Hyperspectral imaging - Germany

Real-time spectral imaging

Or real-time hyperspectral snapshot imaging, to be more precise. That is what Cubert is standing for. Our cameras combine the high standard of spectral scientific sensors with the user friendliness of a digital snapshot camera.

Get to know our established Firefleye series, which is characterized by its huge flexibility, allowing to be used on a wide range of applications, whether it’s mounted on a UAV, used in a laboratory, in an industrial environment or even underwater. Need even more precision? The Firefleye Plus comes with doubled resolution and a spectral range shifted towards short-wave blue light.


M185 RE

Extending the 185 with a relay optics, enabling interactive lens changes and microscopic applications.


U285 UW

Making the robust 285 ready for underwater use to a depth of 5m, it comes with IP68.

Firefleye Plus

S496 blue

Doubled resolution and a wavelength shift for analyses in the border region of UV and very short blue light.


Q285 QE

The Firefleye in a robust housing for stationary use in an industrial or exposed environment.


S185 SE

The well-established flagship. Designed for UAV and lab use, providing full flexibility to you.