Cubert Utils Hyperspectral Imaging Software - Cubert GmbH - Germany

Software for Real-time spectral imaging

Cubert Utils Touch

We are confident that the Cubert Utils camera operating system is the most accessible software solution for the control of hyperspectral snapshot cameras worldwide. It offers you easy access to spectral image data as well as full spectral correction regardless of the camera hardware.

With the powerful plugin interface we also present you the most capable solution for spectral data processing. Build your own solution and experience your application in real-time on the live-data stream.

perClass Mira for Cubert Utils

You are interested in deeper analyses and extracting more useful information from the spectral image data? The perClass Mira extension for Cubert Utils allows you to add a powerful image classification solution to the live data stream, without the need of understanding complex classification methods.

perClass Mira is built using a unique and powerful machine learning engine. It selects the best statistical model for given labeled examples full automatically.