Hyperspectral Firefleye
S185 SE

  • wavelength range: 450-950nm, 125 bands
  • spectral resolution: 8nm@532nm, sampling 4nm
  • spatial resolution: 1 megapixel / 2500 spectra per cube
  • weight 490g, power consumption 8W@12V
  • elongated and angled version available


Easy and reliable hyperspectral snapshot imager for UAV and lab applications

The Firefleye S185 SE is the well-established flagship of Cubert’s hyperspectral snapshot cameras. With its weight of less than half a kilogram it’s designed for an easy implementation onboard a UAV on the one hand, or for an easy-to-handle and flexible measurement experience in the field as well as in the laboratory. It is available in an elongated version (model SE) and in angled, downlooking version (model ST) specifically designed for UAV applications.

In combination with the RTK-X8 get a complete hyperspectral mapping system.

No preprocessing necessary

A complicate preprocessing, as it is necessary for line scanners, is not required. The device provides a hyperspectral data cube in a blink of an eye, without the need of an IMU. Due to the snapshot technology, no geometric distortions, neither a smile nor a keystone effect do appear. Mosaicking of the images is quite easy by using a external software such as Agisoft or Pix4D and only takes minutes.

The difference to push-broom technology

The S185 SE uses a unique technology which establishes a fair balance between spatial and spectral resolution. The result is an imaging spectrometer with no need for scanning (like push-broom technology) or image combination after fast filter shifts. Our technology provides clean hyperspectral images out of the box.

During the development of the Firefleye we miniaturized our laboratory platform. The weight was reduced from 3kg to a total weight of 490g (including lens). This was achieved by the use of lightweight and yet stable materials like aluminum and Kevlar. Due to the absence of any moving part, the package provides a light but longtime product.

In combination with the processing unit for the on-air data storage and ground communication, we achieve a payload of as low as 1kg.

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Hyperspectral snapshot imaging

  • Full-frame hyperspectral imaging in the VNIR
  • No moving artifacts due to low integration time
  • WiFi remote control of all parameters
  • Real-time hyperspectral preview on the ground
  • Hyperspectral video function

Additional information

01 Technology

02 Number of spectral channels


03 Spectral throughput [spectra/capture]


04 Wavelength range [nm]


05 Spectral resolution [nm]

06 Sampling interval [nm]

07 Snapshot

08 Sensor resolution [mpix]


09 Cube resolution [pixel]


10 Cube rate [fps]

max. 15

11 Measurement time [ms]


12 Detector type


13 Digitization [Bit]


14 SNR max [dB]

typ. 58

15 Dynamic range [dB]

typ. 68

16 Shutter type


17 Camera interface

GigE * 2

18 Camera connections

Power, Trigger In

19 Camera CPU


20 Camera storage


21 Objective mount


22 Lens user- changeable


23 Operating temperature [°С]


24 Weight without lens & active cooling [Gramm]


25 Power [V, W]

12V / 8W

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S185 FireflEYE SE

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