Hyperspectral Firefleye
M185 RE Microscope

  • Special relay optics adaption for C-mount
  • Easy integration into microscope (plug-and-play)
  • wavelength range: 450-950nm, 125 bands
  • spectral resolution: 8 nm@532nm, sampling 4nm
  • spatial resolution: 1 megapixel / 2500 spectra per cube
  • weight 1kg, power consumption 8W@12V


Easy and reliable imaging spectrometer for microscopes

The M185 RE is based on our scientific grade multi-point spectrometer S185 SE. Extending the S185 SE with a relay lens, making it ready for microscopic applications. Take care that your microscope has C-mount. Moreover, you can use the M185 RE even standalone in the laboratory. Change lenses such as the 10mm or 23mm on-the-fly and adapt the field of view (FOV) by this to your requirements, the relay optics makes it possible.

The M185 RE features all the advanced hyperspectral Imaging properties of the S185 and adds a proper adaption to typical microscopic setups from Zeiss, Olympus or Leica. The working principle of the device is very close to common snapshot RGB cameras. Your workflow will not change in comparison to your RGB documentation system except a much higher level of spectral information in each pixel. If you are interested in observing fast kinetics, fluorescence signals or cell changes, we believe this is the easiest way to start with microscopic hyperspectral imaging.

The difference to push-broom technology

The M185 RE uses a unique technology which establishes a fair balance between spatial and spectral resolution. The result is an imaging spectrometer with no need for scanning (like push-broom technology) or image combination after fast filter shifts. Our technology provides clean hyperspectral images out of the box.

Hyperspectral snapshot imaging

  • Full-frame hyperspectral snapshot imaging in VNIR
  • No moving artifacts due to low integration time
  • Hyperspectral video function

Additional information

01 Technology

02 Number of spectral channels


03 Spectral throughput [spectra/capture]


04 Wavelength range [nm]


05 Spectral resolution [nm]

06 Sampling interval [nm]

07 Snapshot

08 Sensor resolution [mpix]


09 Cube resolution [pixel]


10 Cube rate [fps]


11 Measurement time [ms]


12 Detector type


13 Digitization [Bit]


14 SNR max [dB]

typ. 58

15 Dynamic range [dB]

typ. 68

16 Shutter type


17 Camera interface

GigE * 2

18 Camera connections

Power, Trigger In

19 Camera CPU


20 Camera storage


21 Objective mount


22 Lens user- changeable


23 Operating temperature [°С]


24 Weight without lens & active cooling [Gramm]


25 Power [V, W]

12V / 8W

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