Hyperspectral High Resolution Camera ULTRIS X20 Plus

  • High resolution HSI – two-sensor hyperspectral video camera
  • wavelength range: UV-VIS-NIR 350-1000nm
  • number of bands: 164 (4 nm sampling)
  • FWHM: 10 nm constant
  • Panchromatic extension for the award winning ULTRIS technology
  • Spatial resolution pan: 1880×1880 px
  • Spatial resolution spectral: 410×410 px (168,100 spectra per cube)
  • Light-Weight Design: 630g


See the difference in high resolution

Pansharpening, or image fusion, is a well-known image enhancement technique in satellite remote sensing or earth observation. At Cubert we developed our own image fusion technique to increase the spatial resolution of our hyperspectral images. This is extremely beneficial for UAV flights and mobile mapping, as it allows analyses on leaf level of vegetation. The ULTRIS X20 Plus is our latest UAV hyperspectral camera with pansharpening extension.

The ULTRIS X20 Plus is especially designed for UAV applications, the table above gives an overview on the resolution per pixel (ground sampling distance) for different flight heights. Of course you can use the hyperspectral video imager in the field or in the lab – the non-scanning snapshot allows you to take the complete data cube within a few milliseconds.

Leaf Level Mapping with the ULTRIS X20 Plus

Even at a flight height of 100m the GSD per pixel is remarkable 3.7cm. This allows crop analyses on leaf level, helping detecting diseases and other issues that require action at an early stage. Below you see an image comparison of classic ULTRIS with 410 by 410 pixel on the left, and the same image pansharpened with a resolution of 1880 by 1880 pixel. This means a pan factor of 4.6, which from a scientific view is an interpolation that still provides enough accurate spectral information.

ULTRIS True Color, native resolution, 410×410 pixel, 164 spectral bands

ULTRIS Plus True Color, pansharpened product (factor 4.6, bicubic), 1880×1880 pixel, 164 spectral bands

Additional information

01 Technology

Light Field

02 Number of spectral channels


03 Spectral throughput [spectra/capture]


04 Wavelength range [nm]


05 Spectral resolution [nm]

FWHM 10 nm constant

06 Sampling interval [nm]


07 Snapshot


08 Sensor resolution [Mpixel]

5 (pan), 20

09 Cube resolution [pixel]

Pan 1880 x 1880 x 1, 410 x 410 x 164

10 Cube rate [fps]

max 8 (complete data cubes per second)

11 Measurement time [ms]

0.1 – 1000

12 Detector type


13 Digitization [Bit]


16 Shutter type


17 Camera interface

1-3 GigE

18 Camera connections

Power, Trigger In

19 Camera CPU


20 Camera storage


21 Objective mount


22 Lens user- changeable


23 Operating temperature [°С]

+5 – +65

24 Weight without lens [g]


25 Power [V, W]

12V / 10W

26 Size Standard [mm]

60 x 107 x 95

Hyperspectral Video Cameras

ULTRIS X20 (Plus)

FireflEYE V185

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