Cubert Utils (developer)

Source code access and site license for up to 5 computers

  • User interface: Cubert Touch and Cubert Pilot
  • Includes SDK for easy programming and 1 year of developer support
  • Includes source code
  • 1 year support
  • License for 5 PCs and 2 years of updates
  • Easy-to-use camera operation
  • Remote control
  • Interactive band setting
  • Customized spectral indices as user plugin
  • Data export to multiple formats


Development made easy

Are you a developer and want to change the way spectral cameras are used in the future? We love the ingenuity of our costumers and want to support you to the fullest. With Cubert Utils developer you get full access to all development features of the camera and maximum support from our side. Get full access to our knowledge and to novel functionalities months before they are released. Get full impact on our development road map and enjoy 5 included licenses and special support. If you want to talk about your application, we are happy to secure your ideas with an NDA.

Developing customized solutions within 30 minutes

Your package comes fully loaded with all features we developed. In this small video we developed a ripeness monitor for palm oil fruit within 30 minutes after seeing the samples for the first time. Please feel free to ask how we can support your application:

SDK implementation and source code access

This package includes a full SDK implementation with development support and source code access. Get access to both interfaces we have developed. Cubert Utils Pilot is the scientific reference providing full overview on all functions, while Cubert Utils Touch was designed for any kind of touch applications, focussing on the data visualization.


The software architecture of our systems lets you fully control our devices from (nearly) any programming language available. To demonstrate this easy process we implemented additional user interfaces in different languages. These example interfaces are starting points to get you runing with your own application developement. The code of this interfaces is open source and free of charge for you to use, modify and distribute. We provide two demo interfaces.

  • Simple to use SDK
  • Communication with the camera from (nearly) any computer language possible
  • Example Matlab and C++ interface
  • You get the source code of both interfaces

Features of the Cubert Utils

Supported OS Windows 10 64 Bit (planned: Ubuntu 18.04 64 Bit)
SDK SOAP protocol
Samples for C++, C# and MATLAB
GUI Backend control
Export format ENVI

  • Multi-Channel and Multi-Page TIFF
  • Single-TIFF
  • EXIFheader
  • GPS IFD meta data

Batch export

Custom views Various examples: True Color, CIR, hNDVI, CAI, etc.
Classification support
Performance features Unprocessed recording mode
Software light professional developer
Cubert Utils Touch yes yes yes
Cubert Utils Pilot no yes yes
Cubert Air Assistant no yes yes
Cubert SDK no yes yes
License 1 PC 3 PCs 5 PCs
Remote camera connection yes yes yes
Cube calculation yes yes yes
Reflectance calculation yes yes yes
Live preview yes yes yes
Video function yes yes yes
8bit yes yes yes
Higher bit rate no yes yes
Costom user-plugin yes yes yes
Index calculation yes yes yes
Predefined indices no yes yes
False color live preview yes yes yes
Radiometric calibration yes yes yes
GPS integration yes yes yes
Averaging no yes yes
timelaps mode no yes yes
Sensor raw capture no yes yes
External trigger source no yes yes
Tiff  / Multi-tiff yes yes yes
Envi no yes yes
Meta data export no yes yes
Allow custom scripts no yes yes
TCP connection no yes yes
Matlab tools no no yes
SOAP host no no yes
Documentation no yes yes
Matlab example GUI no yes yes
Access to beta versions no no yes
Manual yes yes yes
SDK Documentation no yes yes
Updates 1 year 2 years 2 years
30 day installation support yes yes yes
1 year user support no yes yes
1 year developer support no no yes