The FireflEYE is the state-of-the-art choice for hyperspectral acquisitions, no matter if used mounted on a UAV, in the field or in the laboratory. It combines the spectral precision of hyperspectral push-broom sensors with the ease of use of snapshot cameras.

A complicate preprocessing, as it is necessary for line scanners, is not required. The device provides a hyperspectral data cube in a blink of an eye, without the need of an IMU. Due to the snapshot technology, no geometric distortions, neither a smile nor a keystone effect do appear.

The S185 was designed for UAV applications, therefore it is built very light-weighted. The camera weighs 490g, and the whole set together with board computer and accessory parts only requires a payload of 1kg. Most of the common drones are capable of carrying such a weight. During flight, the camera is easily triggered by the UAV’s control software.