How-to measure hyperspectral reflectance data

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Cubert GmbH - Tutorial


After this tutorial, you will have some basic knowledge about the setup and the procedure to create hyperspectral reflectance data. This tutorial can not replace a training, however.


Prior getting started you will need

  • A readily installed Hyperspectral camera
  • The camera’s lens cap
  • A Spectralon a.k.a White Target
  • Some natural object for test purposes (e.g. your hand)
  • A broadband light source, DC mode (e.g. halogen lamp with DC power supply, or sunlight)


  1. Connect your camera.
  2. Mount your camera, e.g. on a tripod
  3. Point your camera at a the spectralon
  4. Mount your light source, point it at the spectralon.
  5. Try to illuminate the spectralon as evenly as possible
  6. Start the software Cubert Utils Touch and wait for the camera to become online
  7. Change integration time to “Auto-Exposure”
  8. Fine-tune the camera or the spectralon’s position in order to fully cover the image
  9. Optional: Adjust exposure compensation
  10. Set Averaging to at 5
  11. Set a white reference (Note: this disables auto-exposure)
  12. Put a cap on
  13. Set a dark reference.
  14. Remove cap
  15. Switch to reflectance mode
  16. Draw a rectangle in the image, verify the spectrum is at 100%
  17. Optional: Decrease averaging back to 1
  18. Measure a natural object


Congratulations! You have taken you first hyperspectral measurement in reflectance mode.