Technical Support - FAQ


How does “integration time” relate to “shutter values”?

A camera’s shutter time in normal photography is given in seconds, but as a fraction. E.g. 1/200 = 0.005s = 5ms . The unit milliseconds “ms” is quite common for scientific devices.

Also remember, the Cubert Camera does not have a mechanical shutter, as it’s sensors can be read out all at once (“global shutter”). Still, in the end both values give the time during which light will illuminate the sensors.

What is the purpose of Raw, Darks Subtract and Reflectance mode?

We have a section in the Cubert Utils Touch manual, chapter 9.2

How can I utilize a RAM-DISK? Is it required?

Install any ram-disk software, which allows you to mount the disk by drive letter. Format it to NTFS or FAT32. Then, set the measurement directory to that drive. All data will now be save to the RAM disk.

The usage of a RAM disk is optional. For SSD, this is usually not required.


What “system configuration” / “performance settings” should I select?

The system configuration contains the performance settings which depends on your system

  • For normal Laptops delivered Cubert, select “Laptop”
  • For Toughbook pre-Installed by Cubert, select “MediumEndPC”
  • For a flight-computer shipped by Cubert, select “MiniPC2”
  • For you custom computer, you should start with MediumEndPC
    • If the performance is good and the camera is sable, try “HighEndPC” as well
    • If the performance is bad (e.g. “image incomplete”), try LowEndPC
    • If you use 1 USB-to-Ethernet adapter, you should always try “Laptop” first and use the USB dongle for the SPECTRALIMAGE connection.
  • If you cannot find a good setting
    • try to update your network card drivers
    • set MTU (JumboFrames) to maximum.


Core Connected. Camera offline

Please check the following in the given order:

  • Is CubertUtilsCore.exe also running (a console-style window)
  • CubertUtilsCore.exe and watch the first message. If it is “[WARN] Starting without factory file starting with soap host only”, you need to install the camera’s calibration
  • Verify that CubertUtilsCore.exe and CubertUtilsTouch.exe have the same version
  • Is the communication network port between CubertUtilsCore.exe and CubertUtilsTouch.exe blocked by a firewall?
  • Is the communication network port between CubertUtilsCore.exe and CubertUtilsTouch.exe already used by a different application? (see:
    • Note: To change the port see the Cubert Utils manual, chapter 3.1.2
  • Check the error messages of CubertUtilsCore.exe and search for these messages in this FAQ.
PANSENSOR not found / SPECTRALSENSOR not found

Please check the following in the given order:

  • Camera is powered on
  • Both Ethernet / USB cables are connected (only on S185: the LED next to the Ethernet jacks are blinking)
  • Ethernet:
    • On your Measurement PC, open Adapter settings and verify that both interfaces do not show “Cable has been removed”. Verify that these are actually the camera cables by temporary unplugging the cables.
    • Verify that you local firewall does allow CubertUtilsCore.exe full access to both network ports, incoming and outgoing.
  • USB:
    • Open Device-Manager and verify that it found two camera sensors.
  • If you needed to change any computer settings, we recommend to power-cycle the camera.
… connection to wrong interface or interface has wrong subnet. Interface's subnet should be: 192.168…

Possible reasons:

  • sensors cables switched.
    • Try if the message disappears if you switch the sensors
    • Restart the software after switching the cables
  • wrong configuration of ip settings.
    • Please set you PC’s interface to for the SPECTRALSENSOR and for the PANSENSOR
The self-made index (“user plug-in”) is not shown in the GUI

Possible reasons:

  • File not loaded: Cubert Utils Touch needs a restart to re-load the plugin directory.
  • File not loaded: The file needs to be places in the binary directory where CubertUtilsTouch has been installed.
    • On remote operation, the plug-in must be placed at the computer of the client where Cubert Utils Touch runs, not the server
    • Place it into <Install Dir> \ Bin \ user\ plug-in \ ref (or raw or ds or sprad)
    • The plugin might be broken. Verify the plugin against the schema definition (located at <Install Dir> \ xsd_schemes \ userplugin.xsd