Cubert Hyperspectral Video Cameras

Cubert have been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral video cameras for almost a decade. A complete three-dimensional data cube, the hyperspectral image, is taken within a blink of an eye. Our cutting-edge optical technology is the basis for our powerful instruments, allowing time-saving hyperspectral image acquisition. Cubert’s innovative cameras are applied in most diverse branches, no matter if mounted onboard a UAV, used underwater or even connected to a microscope.

A post-Corona boost

To continue the spirit of solidarity in these uncertain times, and for a limited period only, we’re offering an incredible 20% off our award-winning ULTRIS S20 and FireflEYE S185 (standard housings) for new customers*. In addition, ULTRIS 20 has now become AI and Deep Learning ready, thanks to the inclusion of perClass Mira.

*Cannot be applied for projects that started before June 2020 and ongoing tenders.