Cubert Hyperspectral Video Cameras

Cubert have been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral video cameras for almost a decade. A complete three-dimensional data cube, the hyperspectral image, is taken within a blink of an eye. Our cutting-edge optical technology is the basis for our powerful instruments, allowing time-saving hyperspectral image acquisition. Cubert’s innovative cameras are applied in most diverse branches, no matter if mounted onboard a UAV, used underwater or even connected to a microscope.

A post-Corona boost

To continue the spirit of solidarity in these uncertain times, and for a limited period only, we’re offering an incredible 20% off our award-winning ULTRIS 20 and FireflEYE 185 (standard housings) for new customers*. In addition, ULTRIS 20 has now become AI and Deep Learning ready, thanks to the inclusion of perClass Mira.

See the difference in high resolution

Our latest development, the ULTRIS 20 Plus, extends the classic version with a panchromatic sensor, allowing to take high resolution images with a remarkable size of up to 1880 * 1880 pixel and 100 bands.

*Cannot be applied for projects that started before June 2020 and ongoing tenders.