Cubert Hyperspectral Video Cameras

Cubert have been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral video cameras for almost a decade. A complete three-dimensional data cube, the hyperspectral image, is taken within a blink of an eye. Our cutting-edge optical technology is the basis for our powerful instruments, allowing time-saving hyperspectral image acquisition. Cubert’s innovative cameras are applied in most diverse branches, no matter if mounted onboard a UAV, used underwater or even connected to a microscope.

We are proud to present the newest member of our product family. The ULTRIS is based on light field technology and integrates a 20 Megapixel sensor. When it comes to pixel count the ULTRIS is the highest resolved imaging spectrometer worldwide. A single snapshot takes 160,000 spectra  simultaneously, with a resolution of 400×400 pixels, without any interpolation. Take a look at this brand-new technology and discover all the possibilities that come with it. Furthermore, the ULTRIS comes with perClass Mira, allowing to access its full potential.

  • ULTRIS 20 – Hyperspectral light field camera with a 20 MP sensor, featuring perClass Mira.
  • FireflEYE 185 –  Designed for every use from UAV to microscope. 450-950nm, 125 bands.
  • FireflEYE 496 blue – Doubled FireflEYE resolution for UVA and blue light analyses. 370-870nm, 125 bands.