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Cubert – Video Spectroscopy for Real-Time Solutions

Most innovative snapshot spectral imaging, made in South Germany


Cubert was founded in 2012 and is still the only source for hyperspectral video cameras and snapshot imaging worldwide. The variety of hyperspectral imagers in the market was rising in the past decade, but there is still no match for the speed and spectral quality of our hyperspectral video cameras. The combination of snapshot capability and hyperspectral imaging empowers completely new applications while making well-known applications easier to use.

Thus, the name Cubert is the combination of Cube Real-Time. This sums up the advantage of the snapshot technology. Delivering you one hyperspectral data cube within some miliseconds of one sensor read-out.

This enables us to deliver applications unknown to the market until today. Easy-to-use hyperspectral imaging with UAV, in biomedical applications, in machine vision as well as in high-speed applications such as plasma research.


Cubert revolutionizes chemical imaging with easy-to-use hyperspectral snapshot imaging. We provide a powerful technology bringing hyperspectral video capabilities and instant chemical analyses for online-processing in near real-time.


Our mission is the production of the most modern hyperspectral snapshot imagers worldwide. Making us the only source for high resolution hyperspectral full frame snapshot imaging.


We provide intelligent video systems that go far beyond the capabilities of current RGB cameras. Additionally, our systems generate an awareness of the health, the nature and the chemical structure of its surrounding.

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