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Hyperspectral video - Extracting and highlighting relevant wavelengths can help analysing microscopic occurences:

Life science

Life sciences covers a multitude of diverse areas and applications, ranging from microorganisms, plants and animals to human beings, covering topics such as medicine, drug discovery, cancer detecton, biology and biotechnology and the list goes on and on.

Our range of hyperspectral snapshot cameras provide an excellent optical platform for researchers and manufacturers to diagnose and detect various types of interests, such as cancers and diseases.

Non-scanning spectral imaging

Our hyperspectral snapshot cameras take a complete image in less than 1ms, providing 2500 (Firefleye series) or even 4900 (Firefleye Plus) spectra per image. With a frame rate of up to 20 Hz moved processes and high speed applications can easily be monitored, unlike to line scanners such as push-broom sensors, for which either the sensor or the sample has to be moved. This can be time-consuming and extremely be difficult when the operating room is limited in space or a microscope manufacturer has to include some sort of linear motion device into their design. High costs in terms of time and money would be the consequence.

High value in biomedical science

Learn more about the high potential of hyperspectral snapshot imaging in life science, whether it is on extending a scientific microscope with the Firefleye, encountering the macroscopic scale or just see how skin analyses benefit from hyperspectral imaging.

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